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Welcome to where I help coach men on dating women

It all started in high school – where my raging hormones and intense shyness created bizarre situations with my interactions with women (then girls). After years of overcoming shyness, then learning how to talk with them, obtain a first date, how to keep them, and providing advice for my large network of friends, I decided why not help others?

My career in the past as a salesperson included working with people and understanding their intentions – this required me to study psychology and why people make decisions and how to build rapport with people.

What is at stake for you? Losing more precious time, expensive dates, potentially life changing help – just think about getting married, having a few kids and getting divorced because you didn’t screen the lady of your dreams properly. Go ask a divorced friend how it worked out for him – there are likely a few in your network.

When I was between relationships I became so successful at dating, I would often have multiple dates on the same day – it was almost a game for me after awhile.

While all my friends struggled to find a date, I’d have women come to me. I’ve had short relationships (and yes a good number of one night stands) but also long relationships.

While almost nothing is forever, it does help to polish yourself and your dating and relationship skills because who you end up with will greatly affect how happy or unhappy you are. Unfortunately, many of us learn the hard way like I did!

So it brings me great joy to help others navigate dating with women and help them avoid getting taken advantage of by women (or what I call the “professionals”)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are you different from any other dating coach?

I have real life experience – many of the other dating coaches are recycling advice from others and its questionable if its based on real life experience. I also cater to men around dating women.

2. Do you offer 1:1 coaching

I’ve started offering 1:1 coaching per request (over a phone call) to help those looking for personalized advice for their men’s unique dating/relationship needs. Every relationship is unique and no book, class, or article will perfectly align.

3. My wife/girlfriend cheated on me – can you help?

A woman who cheats on her man is a serious relationship red flag – please read my articles or my book or. if you’d like some 1:1 advice, book time with me to help you navigate this relationship.

4. How long does it take to see results?

Depending on how closely you follow my advice, you should see improvement in as little as a few interactions with women.

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